2017 Media Appearances

Radio New Zealand
December 8, 2017
Engine trouble: ‘Pieces of the blades can spew out’

November 15, 2017
The battle for compensation – Three years on from Air Asia QZ8501

Flying Magazine
July 20, 2017
U.S. Government Accepts Responsibility for July 2015 Midair

Dayton Daily News
July 12, 2017
Inspector General to review pilot’s overdose death

Seattle Times
May 25, 2017
Former Seattle FAA official gets top aviation post, after a stint at industry group

Washington Post
May 5, 2017
Delta employees threatened to put a couple in jail. Can they really do that?

CNN Wire
April 29, 2017
Delta passenger kicked off flight after bathroom emergency

CNN New Day
April 11, 2017
Mary discusses the United passenger removal incident and involuntary denied boarding protocol

April 10, 2017
United forcibly removes passenger from plane; Mary discusses the incident and passenger rights

HLN: On The Story with Erica Hill
March 8, 2017
Train slams into charter bus on tracks in Mississippi

HLN: On The Story with Erica Hill
February 21, 2017
TSA security breach allows 11 unscreened passengers into sterile area at JFK Airport

HLN: On The Story with Erica Hill
February 13, 2017
United pilot goes on a disturbing rant; Mary discusses protocol

February 4, 2017
Court suspends Trump’s travel ban: Implications for airlines and travelers

January 18, 2017
No End To MH370 Tragedy For Families Of Victims: Could Things Have Been Different?

January 17, 2017
MH370: Search suspended but future hunt for missing plane not ruled out

January 8, 2017
Even with increased security at US airports, vulnerabilities remain

January 2, 2017
Mary discusses guns on airplanes following Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting

January 2, 2017
Airport computer outage disrupts customs